Caillou Dolls

If your kids are anything like mine they are probably obsessed with Caillou and everything from Caillou dolls, Caillou Toys, and all the Caillou episodes that are aired now on the Sprout Network and PBS.

My kids got into Caillou in 2011 and I remember there was no Caillou toys to be found in any of our local stores.  So at that point on went online and tried to search for a nice Caillou Doll. Well, actually 2 since we have twin boys. I first checked on ebay and saw many Caillou Dolls but noticed they were priced upwards to the hundred dollar range. It was evident that Caillou dolls and toys had already became collectibles and might cost a small fortune.


Why So Much?

I had not realized that Caillou was made in the mid 1990′s and the episodes my boys had been watching were all repeats. So it appeared that when they first released the tv series in Canada they started making some Caillou Doll, toys, and other merchandise related to the series or the original books they show was based on.

Caillou Dolls, Toys, Books & Playsets

Well, I was lucky that Amazon had some of the figures, mini Caillou dolls, and playsets for a reasonable price.  Selection at the time was very limited. In late 2011 there was an explosion of Caillou toys showing up all over retail stores here in my area and online.

One of the first Cinar Caillou Dolls

One of the first Cinar Caillou Dolls

 The Original Caillou Doll

The first Caillou Doll produced was from Cinar Corporation the Chouette edition back in late 1999 or 2000. These are some of the hardest to aquire and can be pretty costly.

Caillou on Sprout & PBS

There has definitely been a resurgence with Caillou merchandise (especially Caillou Dolls) and I believe this is attributed to the airing of the series on Sprout and PBS television. Sprout has Caillou on several times per day and night, also on demand here in our area (Comcast Cable) but with limited episodes. It seems every few months or so Sprout will add some new episodes (actually old ones) to the lineup. This is great since my kids already talk along with each episode now.

Best Selling Caillou 14” Doll

Mommy, Daddy, Caillou, and Rosie

Mommy, Daddy, Caillou, and Rosie

Sprout & PBS have been able to get Caillou infront of a real big audience here in America. With all this publicity it is no wonder the company who owns the Caillou brand started allowing many toys to be produced. I would just hope some new episodes would be made as well.

Caillou History

Originally based on children’s books Caillou made it to Canadian television in 1997. Caillou started to air in the United States in 2000. Caillou’s final run came in 2010 and is now alive and well in re-runs thanks to Sprout and PBS.

Caillou DVD’s

There are many Caillou dvd collections and episodes now available. You can check our section here for many of the best available Caillou favorites. Also, Amazon has single episodes available and complete seasons for instant downloading. $

$1.99 an episode or $14.99 for a complete season (10 episodes) this is a great buy. Especially since they are downloads. You can take them with you on all of your devices.

Caillou the Creative
Caillou’s Christmas
Thoughtful Caillou

 Caillou dolls & accessories

We now have several companies licensing the Caillou brand. The Caillou 14.5 inch doll by Imports Dragon is a popular choice.  This doll ranges from 30.00 – 40.00 dollars depending on where you purchase. Amazon has them right now for $29.38 plus FREE Shipping!!

14 inch caillou doll

14 inch caillou doll

Shop with confident and find great deals at Amazon for various Caillou Dolls, Toys, and games. Also, be sure to look for the FREE super saver shipping on many of the Caillou items.

Caillou Classic Doll, Caillou accessories, and play-sets are all readily available in stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, and various other retailers.

Be sure to find the right one that your child is wanting. We all know that in the event we get the wrong toy we will never hear the end of it.

Caillou Books

Caillou No More Diapers

Caillou No More Diapers

I saw this one in walmart and decided to check it out for my boys and then found out it is a best seller! Who would have guessed it, Caillou helped my boys out of diapers!! Ended up seeing it cheaper of course at Amazon…Check it out if you need Caillou’s help with potty training.

Caillou: No More Diapers (Hand-in-Hand series)

Some of of the top selling Caillou books

Caillou: My Storytime Box (Clubhouse series)
Caillou: My Bedtime Story Box (Clubhouse series)
Caillou: My Book of Great Adventures (Treasury Collection)
Caillou: My Family and Me (Pop-Up Book Series)


Caillou Farm Play Set

Caillou Farm Play Set

Caillou Farm Play Set

Check out this hot item that has been listed as one of the top Caillou selling items. The Caillou farm playset. Sells for around $35.00 new with free shipping! This set is sure to be a hit with your kids. We ended up with the Fire station playlet first and then they had to have this one as well! it keeps them busy and everytime Caillou comes on with the farm or fire station episodes they say “We have that one” gotta love it.

Caillou Cuddle Pillow

Check out your local Walmart for this one as they are sold out online. Priced @ 14.50 USD and is 12 inces big!! Can’t go wrong with this pillow. I found them located in great big cardboard dump bins near the baby/kids section across from the shoe section in the center of the aisle. This Caillou pillow is a sure hit.